Version history of CODED

There are now three versions of CODED that will produce similar but not identical results:

  1. Version 0 is the original beta implementation, written entirely in Javascript using the Google Earth Engine API. This version is what is described in the paper.
  2. Version 1 was created to overcome technical limitations of Version 0. Put simply, Version 0 was not efficient enough to consistently run over large areas. Version 1 makes use of the GEE CCDC implementation for change monitoring, adapted to create the algorithm described in the CODED paper. Version 1 is what is implemented in the Forest Disturbance Mapping GUI.
  3. Version 2 is nearly identical to Version 1 but makes use of the CODED API. Version 2 is the most recent version and will be the only version modified moving forward. This version is what is applied in the Javascript tutorial. The main difference between Version 1 and 2 is that version 2 has more options for output layers.