Continuous Degradation Detection (CODED)

Continuous Degradation Detection (CODED) is a forest monitoring application developed for mapping and statistically estimating the areas of forests affected by forest degradation. CODED is open source and can run on the Google Earth Engine. CODED can be used to monitor and estimate forest degradation and deforestation. For an overview of the CODED methodology please refer to Bullock et al., (2020).

Tutorial (GUI)

Please refer to the following resources for further background information and tutorials for running CODED:

  • OpenMRV: An open-source resource for Forest Measurement, Reporting, and Verification (MRV). One Module in OpenMRV is CODED, with detailed background information, parameter descriptions, and examples using Javascript and a graphical user interface.
  • E-Learning: An interactive course on CODED narrated by Dr. Eric Bullock.